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Wang Ruhui

Wang Ruhui

Vitality and Rebirth

Exhibition Time: 10:00am daily, except for private bookings

Artist Location: Hangzhou, China

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My Creative Inspiration:
My paintings often have absurd authenticity, and life has a real absurdity. Most of my creative inspirations come from thinking and fantasizing about the natural environment, seeking poetic and gentle comfort in the ordinary. Through the subjective imagination and processing of the natural environment, the work presents a poetic and surreal aesthetic feeling. I often wander between order and disorder. The images I write reflect my perception of the inner world at the moment. I give them their own form, and they make sense. In my eyes, there are many possibilities for the same thing. I would store many colors and shapes in my mind, giving them a different language of painting. My inner monologue can be clearly felt through the picture. My images are light and light in tone, with temperature and detail, depicting a natural environment that is both surreal and taken for granted.

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Selections from the Exhibition