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Eddie Mosler

Eddie Mosler

Auric Frequency

Exhibition Time: 11:00am daily, except for private bookings

Artist Location: Ecuador

About the


In 2019 inspired in gold, a metal which was cherished by millennial civilizations, Mosler developed the “Spirit of Gold Collection” where he incor-porates his “Activated Gold” technique as well as oil, acrylic, fire and other elements; a creative breath where he recognizes the presence of divinity and its connection with the human being.

On September 27, 2020, Eddie launches his collection “Auric Pyramid” in an event made for “World Healing”, at “The Middle of the World Monument” in Ecuador, for the entire planet. An event where he makes known the properties and benefits of his art in the processes of healing and connection with the universe.

“Throughout my artistic career I have focused on the origin of color; as a result of this work, portals were manifested to me and I have been able to design dimensional structures to have a better connection with the uni-verse, this connection guide me to create the design of an artistic structure of astral ascension and to the auric frequency for the humanity evolution in light. This artistic structure is based on an auric portal of creation com-posed of 9 auric colors, 9 geometric figures and 9 light pillars connected with the frequency of the Astral Gold in the 17th dimension”.

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Selections from the Exhibition