Sofia Kapnissi

On Display: 1:30pm daily, except during private bookings
Artist Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Sofia Kapnissi was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to the Netherlands after completing her initial studies in art. Based in The Hague, she continued her work of peeling the layers of habits on a quest for a clear view on existence and the world in which it evolves. She sees her works as experimentations even though they do not contain the element of novelty nor of the smart idea. Her works relate to questions bound to stay open: Where does the human expression lie? Where is the inside and where the outside? What does activity mean? These questions come by in a loop through the years. They pop-up during her walks in the urban setting and through observations on the surrounding environment, the digital maze, and the ever changing personal formation. Sofia is a painter; she believes that painting can preserve the non-orderly, the peaceful chaos, and the search for humanity within; her painting vision is often carried over to textile, video and text. She is represented by Dekka-arts on