Maja Wrońska

On Display: 8:00pm daily, except during private bookings
Artist Location: Żyrardów, Poland

Maja Wrońska (born 1989) is a watercolorist, architect and freelance illustrator from Poland. After graduating from the Architecture at Warsaw Institute of Technology, Maja started her own business in 2014 that now has collaborations all around the world. She creates watercolor cityscapes with focus on architectural buildings and structures from European and American cities. The paintings start with a quick pencil sketch and the details are added later with paint and brush. The combination of the detailed structures and the unpredictability of the watercolor technique captures the mood, weather and light in a scenery, with a vibrant end result. Maja Wrońska’s works have been exhibited among others at Biennale of Architecture in Venice, International ArtExpo, on the set of several TV shows. She also created Bjorksta and Gronby art sets for IKEA.