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Magdalena Lenartowicz

Magdalena Lenartowicz

Energy of Earth, Power of Nature

Exhibition Time: 1:00pm daily, except for private bookings

Artist Location: Poland

About the


Her every painting is a story of a man’s journey to freedom, inner acceptance and harmony with the place they have chosen. The elements of the world inspire her to create images-journeys.For her travel companions she chooses deep colours that come from the nature. The final destination of every journey is a painting that calms emotions and brings solace to one’s senses. We are locked in a concrete reality – we desire contact with nature.

Organic forms help to runaway from the surrounding reality to return to one’s interior, to the basics. The dream is to be able to feel the inner strength that will inspire peace and harmony. Our inspiration is the nature and the processes of change that occur in it. The mutual relationship of the images, which are very different in terms of content,is combined in a similar energy and colour. During her painting travels, Lenartowicz doesn’t get attached to one tool, form or style, although she admits that Recycling Art is particularly close to her heart.

When creating, she often uses old materials found in attics, grandma’s cupboards, or worn-out books. By adding old prints, vellum, or common packaging paper, she gives new life to bits of everyday stories, and allows spectators to contemplate and interpret the paintings from a different perspective.

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Selections from the Exhibition