Jason, Xiang Ji

On Display: 8pm daily, except during private bookings
Artist Location: Hong Kong

Jason, Xiang JI, is an architectural designer and freelance photographer based in Hong Kong. Born in Shanxi and staying in Hong Kong for almost a decade, he started his photography journey in 2018 and gradually developed an interest in street photography, especially at night. Intense colors and reflections in the city compose a symphony that changes this rapid city when it’s dark. He seeks temporary tranquility within this fast-paced city by expressing moods with colors, lights, and compositions.

Over the past years, drone photography has also become his tool for exploring the city. The title “Pan, Orbit, Rotate” explains the nature of the movement in aerial photography. It also resonates with the commands in 3D modeling software, as well as Google earth, which is the way to prepare the photoshoot and explore the city spectacles from a more “god’s” perspective. Such images provide another layer of abstractness from the banality of living, which reminds us of the extraordinary nature of everyday life.