Carla Piacenza

On Display: 3:30pm daily, except during private bookings
Artist Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Carla Piacenza (b.1979, Argentina). Based in Belgium.

My work addresses issues that are related to nature and human behavior.

Thus, I reflect on gender through landscapes and urban views, I explore the sense of identity in society, I analyze migration from my perspective as an immigrant, or I propose a discussion on the environment and climate change.

Analyzing and incorporating possible resources to find in the natural sciences and psychology, and transforming them into visual poetics, the works are presented as hypothetical and experiential ideas seeking to decode a personal argument.

In each stage of the project the playful is manifested. I invoke chance and enjoy the imperfect. So I use veiled negatives, old amateur cameras with plastic lenses that distort or blur the image, I play with double exposure and adapt small negatives in larger format cameras.

The films taught me to tell stories in all their dimensions and, from there, I resort to the freedom to experiment by the use of different media and formats for the realization of my projects, be it photography, video, installations or publications. Perhaps that is why it is possible to find a constant interaction between fiction and documentary reality in my artworks. Suddenly I find myself transforming the unreal into the real from fake universes or fake stories but with quasi-documentary images taken from everyday reality. Thus, I resort to allegorical representation, defining art as a constant recreation of stories and ideologies.