Alexandra Vainshtein

On Display: 7:00pm daily, except during private bookings
Artist Location: New York, New York

Alexandra was born in Leningrad, former USSR. At the age of 10 she implored her mother to enroll her in art school, where she was introduced to what art was all about.

Sadly, because of repression implemented by authorities of the former Soviet Union, Alexandra’s family was forced to leave “North Venice” and immigrate to Israel, where she enjoyed an amazing opportunity to continue her artistic education.

A few years later she moved to New York City. New York infused her with tremendous amounts of positive energy. Living in this cinematographic city and traveling the world have added to Alexandra’s intrinsic drive to capture little moments that make our life what it is. We are all different and see things differently, and it’s almost magical to show life through lens in a way that you might have not expected.

She tends to work in Black and White, with color being a rare but bright exception. Alexandra hopes that the viewers will see the beauty and irony of the moments the way she sees them. She never really had a plan for these moments, they come to her when Alexandra has her heart, eyes and camera ready.