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Big Screen Plaza presents
#ArtOnScreen 2020

Are you or someone you know looking for artistic exposure in NYC?

Big Screen Plaza is now accepting submissions for #ArtOnScreen, a curated series of digital and artistic programming that will be displayed throughout 2020. We’re eager to showcase work from many creative disciplines. Please note this call may not be best-suited for every type of artist or artistic discipline. However, if it matches your current artistic goals, or your work, it could be a perfect opportunity — check the guidelines below before submitting!

About Big Screen Plaza:
Big Screen Plaza is a 10,000 sq. ft. public plaza in New York City that features a 30 ft. HD digital screen. Throughout the year, the screen displays a rotating collection of digital exhibitions, including photography, animation, visual art, and more. Located between the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and the art galleries of Chelsea, the plaza’s central location provides an ideal venue for generating exposure for local and international artists to engage the New York community.


• The #ArtOnScreen series is not exhibited with any audio, so all work submitted must be able to be viewed and enjoyed without any audio. That does not mean the files cannot contain audio, but please note all work will be silently displayed to the public, similar to the digital billboards in Times Square.
• Content must be suitable to be displayed publicly and viewed by an audience of all ages. 
• Please don’t send works-in-progress. All work must be completed upon submission.
• Submissions are accepted on a year-round, rolling basis. Due to the quantity of submissions, please allow up to three months for your work to be reviewed. No calls, please.


• Photography – all types!
• Studio and Visual Art
• Fashion and Art Films
• Animation of all type that is not dependent on dialogue
• Timelapse or Aerial / Drone Footage
• International or local NYC content – we screen it all
• Cutting edge, contemporary work that can engage and excite the New York public

View Our Current List of Exhibitions for Examples


• Any work that features heavily-synced dialogue (Note on subtitles in FAQ)
• Any long-form video content. Artist exhibitions per artist are 10-30 minutes each.

• Documentary content (we love it, we just find it often doesn’t work as well in this format.)
• Work that is primarily corporate-branded or advertising-based (Unfortunately we’re not looking to display mere commercials or ad-based work, though there are exceptions to every rule.)
• Any work with graphic violence or nudity
• Sculpture or any performance-based work which requires in-person or 3D display. All exhibitions will only occur by being broadcast on our digital screen. Photos of sculpture could work, but we cannot install work into our space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each artist receives their own curated block of 10-30 minutes, which is scheduled and shown multiple times per week. All work is displayed on our digital screen. For example: photography or studio art is formed into a slideshow, and films are shown back-to-back. Sculpture or any performance-based work cannot be shown in the plaza itself as part of this series. Different mediums may be combined within the same block if desired, and thematic through-lines for each block are encouraged. 

Please note, exhibition times may to shift last minute due to private screen rentals or other variables. Artists can keep in touch if they are planning a visit for any special screenings, and we are happy to confirm screening schedules and reschedule exhibitions with advance notice.

#ArtOnScreen is displayed to the public without audio. Unfortunately any work (narrative or otherwise) that relies heavily on dialogue or synced sound to convey its message, often does not work. If your film has subtitles, we will accept film links for consideration; but please note this is not something we often display. Our main intention is to showcase visual work which does not require audio or audio substitutions to be enjoyed. For example, animated short films with only sound effects or music have worked well on silent display. If you’re unsure, review our recommendations above, and the best thing is to submit, and we can get back to you via the submission form. 

As we don’t charge any fees, we also don’t offer compensation, monetary or otherwise, for exhibited work at this time. The main intention with #ArtOnScreen is to offer public exposure to the NYC community at no cost to any artists who wish to put their work into the world in this manner. It may not be for everyone, but we have worked with many artists and institutions who have found value in this type of partnership.


All work is credited with the artist’s name on-screen for the full duration of their exhibition, as well as being listed on our Artists & Exhibitions page. We also cross-promote artists through our social media channels. The artist retains complete rights over their work throughout the #ArtOnScreen process. The exhibition agreement is of a non-exclusive nature. See an on-screen credit sample below.



Other questions? Contact us at submissions@bigscreenplaza.com.