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Romain Sarret: Night Timelapse

On Display: Daily at 6:00-6:30pm, except during private event bookings

My name is Romain SARRET, I’m a French Filmmaker and Brand Ambassador for Panasonic. I have been passionate about images for a long time. I really started Photography in 2005 and, as time went on, I was more and more interested in video, just because I wanted to show more than “static”. In 2011, I started my first personal video projects under the name ROMSPROD. And then, in 2015, Panasonic France contacted me to collaborate with them as they had discovered and liked my work.


Since that day, I have been making videos for them, especially for new cameras launches, in order to show their capabilities. I made several projects for Panasonic (Namibia, NYC, Hong-Kong and, lately, Iceland) and i have to say that I’m really glad of this collaboration. They’re really nice and give me all freedom for my creations. I also give trainings and conferences (Salon de la Photo, shops, etc) as a filmmaker and Brand Ambassador. I have to say that I have a geek side so I like spending hours on my computer to do post-production (editing, color-grading) and learn new technics and softwares. I’m also creator of Facebook groups that gather thousands of person around Panasonic cameras, to discuss/exchange, help each other, and also to share their creations. Lastly I created a blog (“Blog GH/S1 France”) to share my experience and give tips on Panasonic cameras, gears and filmmaking in general.

My official Website: http://www.romsprod.com

My Blog: http://blog-gh4-france.over-blog.com