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Anne Harney

On Display: 3:00pm daily, except during private bookings

Anne Harney is a representational painter beginning her work from observation and concluding with a mix of imagination. “I prefer to begin my work from life. My landscape paintings usually follow me into the studio the following day to capture the light and color on to a more abstract larger painting.” The subjects do not always seem to have a connection, but the still life and landscape paintings all hold something personal to the artist. Personal objects such as, Grandmother’s iron, plaster models, dolls, material, mirrors and soda crates from a cousin’s barn, all make for an interesting story.

Her landscapes of New England include Martha’s Vineyard and the urban landscapes of Boston. She continually finds inspiration in the local color. More recent bodies of work incorporate different perspectives while reminding her that it’s just a shape and color.  Trying hard to eliminate the non-essentials in her work, she hopes to create a bold and decisive statement.

Anne is represented by

                                                    SHAIN GALLERY, Charlotte, North Carolina
                                                    BLUE GALLERY, Kansas City, Missouri
                                                    EISENHAUER GALLERY, Edgartown, Massachusetts