Pillow Talk presents SALTC (Sex and Love in the City) New York

Pillow Talk took to the Eventi Hotel to host their first bi-coastal event. Hosted and directed by Fiona Alison Duncan and Mara McKevitt, the event featured discussions on a range of topics, including music videos, fast fashion, Freud, wellness, friendship, censorship, narcissism, Times Square, dating, power, Jane Fonda, abstraction, resilience, and consciousness raising. 

After being welcomed in by host Jordan Barse, guests gathered around the TV to watch a thoughtfully selected sequence of media from various NY-based artists (some of which was made specifically for this event). Following the intimate discussions in the room, a recording of the event was broadcast outside on the big screen at Big Screen Plaza.

The hotel couldn’t have been a better fit for this event. One of their contributors thoughtfully pointed out the emotional contrast between the intimacy of the in-room event and the public broadcast of the instant replay.

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Pillow Talk Presents (Sex and Love in the City) New York